At CVPRO we prepare a large number of CVs for recent immigrants to the country who are not achieving the results they want with their current CV. Often they have applied for jobs they are extremely well qualified for and would excel in, but haven’t made it to the interview stage. They come to us frustrated and under pressure. When we take a look at their CV it’s easy for us to see why they’ve been overlooked. Common mistakes include:

  • Too long or too short
  • Inappropriate information
  • Not the right detail of information
  • Lack of focus on achievements
  • CV not laid out in the way NZ employers and recruiters expect
  • Unusual phrases and language (which may be correct English, but are not the way we typically use English in New Zealand)

This blog post isn’t the appropriate forum to explain exactly how a CV can be “kiwi-ised”. However, we at CV Pro have helped many people in this situation and can help you.

We offer:

And a cheaper option:

  • CV templates and the step by step guide to writing your own CV ebook “Write your own CV.” See the following link: CV Templates