I am often asked the question, Should I include personal details like my age, religion, and relationship status on my CV? The answer I give is always the same. No, you shouldn’t, except in exceptional circumstances.

Let me explain. As a general rule it is not expected that you would include the following on your CV:

  • Your age
  • Your religion
  • Your marital status
  • Whether you have children
  • Your sexual persuasion
  • A photo

This information can invite discrimination, and the law states that it is not legal to discriminate on these grounds. Also, the purpose of your CV is to get you a job interview, so you don’t want to include anything that may put the potential employer off. More than that, including this information also makes your CV look unprofessional and demonstrates a lack of understanding of what a CV should include.

However there could be some circumstances when it would be advantageous to include this information. In that case, do it. Examples might be:

  • You are applying for a role in an early childhood centre. If you are a parent yourself, it could be a good idea to include this information.
  • You are applying for a job in a religious orientated organisation. If this fits with your beliefs, include this information.


  • You are applying for a role in which you will be interacting with the public face to face and you are sure that the way you look fits with the company’s image. In this case, including an appropriate photo may help you get an interview.

To reiterate, generally keep personal information out of your CV. Unless you are sure that are the exceptional case where this information will give you a greater chance of landing an interview.