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Clear. Concise. Compelling.

We have experience writing CVs for clients at all career stages and levels. We’ll work with you to construct a compelling New Zealand CV that effectively showcases your unique offering. Find out more

CV Writing Services

Our experienced CV writers know how to write effective CVs. We've helped thousands of Kiwis from graduates to executives refine their CV and increase their chances of securing the best interviews and job offers.

CVPRO offers professional CV writing services to clients throughout New Zealand. Our team of New Zealand based CV writers are experts in their field and know how to write effective CVs that NZ employers and recruiters love. We have a great track record of helping our customers successfully obtain interviews and job offers and we guarantee the quality of all our CVs.

We are the experts

With over 35 years of collective CV writing experience, our CV writers are stalwarts of the industry. We have worked with people from a diverse range of professions, industries and career stages and have prepared thousands of CVs. Learn more about the CVPRO Team.

Perfect English and grammar

Our CV writers are all native English speakers with a real penchant for impeccable grammar and sentence structure. If English isn’t your native tongue or your written communication skills are not your strongest asset, our CVs will portray your written communication skills in a more favourable light so you can concentrate on selling your other key strengths face to face in a job interview.

Simple process with fast turnaround

Our CV writing services make it easy to get a personalised CV created quickly. After selecting a service that best fits your career stage and paying for it online, you will be prompted to either fill out a brief online form where a few personal details and aspects of your work history can be noted down, or upload your current CV if you have one. Once this step has been completed, one of our CV writers will then contact you to arrange a Skype or phone interview that lasts between 20 and 45 minutes depending on your career stage. Once the interview is complete, your CV writer will prepare a draft version of the CV for your approval with a final version being sent only when you are happy with it. In most cases, the complete CV writing process outlined above takes only 4 working days.

  1. School Leaver - CV Writing Service

    School Leaver - CV Writing Service

    The School Leaver CV Writing Service is designed for school leavers and school students looking for their first job. It will help you stand out from the crowd, by highlighting your academic, sporting or other extracurricular activities and achievements, as well as defining your employment goal. Learn More

  2. Graduate - CV Writing Service

    Graduate - CV Writing Service

    The Graduate CV Writing Service is designed for people who have just graduated from university and are looking for their first job related to their area of study. The key to a great graduate CV is to present to the employer the skills you have gained, not just through study, but through your extracurricular activities and any part-time work, as well as to get across your enthusiasm to work in the field. Learn More

  3. Junior - CV Writing Service

    Junior - CV Writing Service

    The Junior CV Writing Service will suit young people and graduates with some, but less than 3 years experience in the workforce. The key to a successful Junior CV is to present to the employer your skills and knowledge relating to the role, even if you haven’t done it before, or if have some experience and are keen to take the next step forward. Learn More

  4. Professional - CV Writing Service

    Professional - CV Writing Service

    The Professional CV Writing Service is CVPRO's most popular CV service. It is suitable for people with more than 3 years experience who are applying for roles which will move them forward in their careers and need to get their pitch just right. It is also suitable for candidates who have established careers and are looking for a new opportunity. Learn More

  5. I.T. / Technical - CV Writing Service

    I.T. / Technical - CV Writing Service

    The Technical / I.T. CV Writing Service is designed for experienced professionals who are applying for roles in I.T. or with a significant technical component, such as in engineering, telecommunications and science. Employers in this field are looking for a combination of technical ability and knowledge, and the capability to work with others and get the job done. At CVPRO we focus on writing CVs which clearly show what you can do, and back it up with evidence. Learn More

  6. Senior Professional - CV Writing Service

    Senior Professional - CV Writing Service

    The Senior Professional CV Writing Service is designed for those people at the top level of their profession, who are applying for roles with high levels of responsibility and often people management. The key to a great Senior Professional CV is to show that you have the necessary technical expertise as well as the capability to work at the top level in an organisation. Learn More

  7. Executive - CV Writing Service

    Executive - CV Writing Service

    The Executive CV Writing Service is designed for candidates applying for roles at the most senior levels, including those at Senior Executive, General Manager and CEO level. CVs at this level need to be carefully prepared and are the most time consuming to create. All Executive Level CVs are delivered by CVPRO's most experienced CV writers. Learn More